Weekly Update 06-08-18

Weekly Update 06-08-18

This week ESGO saw the introduction of the client partner portal as well as the introduction of new teams to the ESGO family:

Partner Portal:
The partner portal has been introduced to allow teams, organisations, stream teams and influencers the ability to view orders and commissions. Commissions will be paid out once 60 days has lapsed to ensure the product has been delivered and there are no disputes.

This partner portal is an incredible addition to the ESGO site as it will allow ESGO the ability to pay third party vendors and designers as well as the teams as mentioned prior.

You can check out the Partner Portal HERE

Client Updates

+ New client added: Elegy Gaming 
+ New client added: Heavy Force Gaming
+ New client added: Team Mavarity
+ New client added: Vengeance Esports 
+ New client added: Zombies Love Bacon

+ Existing client shopfront reloaded: Rapid Esports
+ Existing client shopfront reloaded: Down Under Team 

We are attempting to reload all of our existing clients to the ESGO site. So if your shopfront is not there - don't worry! It will be soon and you can contact us to obtain your original shopfront link.

Tournament Sponsorship Scheme

ESGO wants to provide the ability to assist grass root tournaments and leagues with some sort of funding. Why not get something out of it like a jersey in return?

All of the ESGO merchandise located HERE will now come with the ability to send support to a designated tournament or league.

You can contact sales@esgo.com.au if you are looking to get your tournament or league up in this list!

Look out for more exciting news to come in the next upcoming weeks.




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