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    How do I get a Jersey or Merchandise design?

    Contact sales@esgo.com.au with your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.


    Do you guys do other designs like logos and twitter banners?

    Yes we do! Once again, contact us at sales@esgo.com.au for a custom quote.


    When will my orders be shipped?

    All ESGO products are designed from the ground up. For this reason our estimated time for ALL products is between 4 to 6 weeks. This is an estimate and we do not guarantee delivery dates.


    Can I get express shipping?

    Yes we can do expedited orders with a 2-4 week turn around time. There is a cost of $60 AUD. If we do not make this time we will refund you the expedition cost.

    Does ESGO take orders over the phone?

    No, phone orders are not possible. All orders must be placed online to prevent any confusion with the requested item.


    How long do I have to wait before I receive a response by email?

    Emails are replied to typically within 2 - 4 business hours. However on the rare occasion it may be longer. We wish to respond to all emails our customers send us.



    Can I get a refund for my product?
    ESGO only accepts refunds if there is a major manufacturing flaw. Each product is made to order, this means we cannot restock your product if it is ordered incorrectly. Please take care when ordering your product.

    Design flaws are also no longer covered under refunds. When you purchase a design the third party designer will show you an example of the print file. ESGO will then send you a print proof photo. A product cannot be ordered until these two approvals are met.


    Can I get a refund on a design request?

    ESGO only accepts a refund for design if it is made within the first 24 hours. ESGO does not provide a refund due to unreasonable expectations. It is the responsibility of the customer to look at similar ESGO or designer work before proceeding with a purchase.


    How long should I expect to wait before my design is completed?

    A designer is expected to complete a design between 1-4 weeks.



    What are the payment methods

    Paypal, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa)


    Do you have any stores or showrooms?

    Presently we do not. However this is part of our road map to have store, showroom and tournament/LAN location in every major city in Australia.


    How can I check stock?

    At the moment stock can be checked by emailing sales@esgo.com.au. As part of our road map we will have stock numbers showing in real-time.


    What shipping options do you have?

    We have the following shipping rates:
    Australia: Flat Rate of $15 AUD
    New Zealand: Flat Rate of $25 AUD
    Rest of the World: Flat Rate of $25


    My shipping ETA has changed. Why is this?

    ETA's are estimates only. ETA's can change for many reasons such as shipping delays, supplier holds/delays. During these unforeseen circumstances we work with you to get your orders in a timely fashion.


    What if I am not home when the product is delivered?

    The courier will generally leave a card outlining the next steps for delivery. The parcel is usually taken to your local post office or courier depot. You have 2 weeks to collect the item from this location otherwise the product is returned. A $20 return fee will apply in this circumstance.


    Do you offer discounts for large orders

    Normally we are already offering the best possible discount on the requested product. However, please email sales@esgo.com.au to confirm on a particular product


    If I am a business, do you offer credit terms?

    We may have options for business regarding credit terms dependent on the trade relationship. Please contact sales@esgo.com.au for further information


    I noticed my shipping details are wrong.

    Please email sales@esgo.com.au to have your shipping details changed. If done before the product is dispatched we will ensure your product arrives to the correct shipping address. If this is done after the product is dispatched a re-shipping fee may apply.


    What if I change my mind and want to cancel the order?

    Orders can be successfully cancelled before the product has been processed. However, once the product has been developed or dispatched the order can no longer be cancelled.