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Here at Mako we are about supplying a standard of support within the ANZ region. We shine to promote OCE and all the talents of Esports within the community.
Mako is about respect, loyalty and good sportsmanship. At Mako we believe that ANZ and all the amazing players within ANZ Esports deserve the support and recognition that other regions get. We pride ourselves on looking after not only our players but this place we all call home. Our main goal at Mako is that we are to provide a standard of support for these rising stars that might influence the rest of the world of Esports to prove to them that ANZ deserves it. Mako is an OCE based organisation in a place we call home, and that’s what we aim to do, provide a home for these amazing stars in OCE.
Mako have also partnered with ESGO Apparel to provide the fans and players of Mako Esports Club with top quality, beautiful, sleek new merchandise. The Best of the best for our fans. Mako are excited to have strong and positive relationship with the great people at ESGO Apparel for years to come.